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Pink Shirt Day Shirts For Sale

And that’s how it started, Pink Shirt Day 2022, when we started gaining momentum with Kindness Club. It began with 6-year-old Marisa wanting to open her own business and be just like her entrepreneurial parents. Being involved in graphic design, I assisted Marisa in helping her with her logo and her business goals. We started off in a small Hamilton shop, Piper’s Closet. Marisa did very well in her first month; she learned how to screen print, how to attach price tags and helped manage her social media. 

By the new year, we were approached by a few retailers who wanted to know if we would have Pink Shirt Day shirts for sale. They wanted to sell them in their stores. We were excited to be asked and we got to work. Our first Pink Shirt Day design was simple- a light pink shirt with our logo screen printed in white. We sold our Pink Shirt Day Shirts wholesale, and we also decided to donate to Dare to Care- a bully prevention program in Canada. Every shirt sold would donate $4 to the program. 

Riding this momentum, we approached Marisa’s school to offer her Kindness Cub Shirts with a donation back to her school. Our first Pink Shirt Day was a big success. We were able to sell our simple Pink Shirt Day design wholesale, donate back to a good cause and donate back to Marisa’s school. 

The rest of the year was great, and Marisa really loved the impact Kindness Club could have on Pink Shirt Day. She wanted to make this the focus of Kindness Club, no bullying and being kind to all. 


Pink Shirt Day shirt design 2023

Fast forward to 2023 and we again planned to have Pink Shirt Day shirts for sale. This year we created a whole new design- white shirts with hot pink tye dye and black screen printing. We again had our Pink Shirt Day shirts for sale at various retailers and this year more schools! This year we did some collaborations, we donated a diy Pink Shirt Day kit to a school in a remote area, we hosted a diy Pink Shirt Day design day, and we did something special at Marisa’s school. Marisa matched the donations from our Pink Shirt Day shirts for sale and purchased cookies for her entire school. She then performed an act of kindness with her school community. Each class received the cookies and everyone was asked to write their name down on a piece of paper. These pieces of paper were then placed in a hat and the first person drew a name. This person would say something nice about the name written on the paper and then be given a cookie. Each class did this until everyone had something kind said about them and each person received a cookie. 


Buying Pink Shirt Day shirts 2023 

This Pink Shirt Day, we hope to expand and offer our shirts in more schools, more retailers and perform more acts of kindness. This year’s Pink Shirt Day design is a light pink shirt with a hot pink screen print. You can find 2024’s design here, plus you can shop previous designs and our brand new pink spread kindness bracelets. This year, our Pink Shirt Day Collection donates a portion of our sales to Kid’s Help Phone, a nationwide organization dedicated to 24/7 mental health support. Contact us today if you’d like to join Kindness Club!

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